litespeed 503 自动重启解决方案

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一台高负载的虚拟空间服务器,因为客户数量大请求大,所以可能会导致同时出现的503错误多,最新的litespeed自动开启了  auto fix 503 error ,导致在错误出现较多时自动重启litespeed,造成客户无法访问


Auto Fix 503 Error
Specifies whether to try to fix the “503 Service Unavailable” error by restarting the server gracefully. A “503” error is usually caused by malfunctioning external applications and a web server restart can often fix the error temporarily. If enabled, the server will restart automatically whenever there are more than 30 “503” errors within a 30 seconds span. This feature is enabled by default.

Syntax: Select from radio box



截图进攻参考,设置为  Not Set